Citrus Fertilizer – is it necessary?

"A good Citrus fertilizer will contain the full balanced range of nutrients required to support healthy growth, and will have the right pH so it

Common Pest Profiles: Mealy bug, Aphids, Red Spider Mite, Thrips, Caterpillars, Sciara, Slugs and Snails, and Vine Weevils.

Insect Pests and the One-Week Rule Many insect pests reproduce rapidly during the warm summer months and during this time there will be an interval

Botanic Gardens to visit in the UK

Botanic Gardens are not unique to the UK, but it does have some of the best botanic gardens in Europe. These gardens often started as

The Basics of Greenhouse Growing

Why use a Greenhouse at all? Most parts of the planet have seasonal weather which varies considerably over the course of the year. Many of

The Best Botanic Gardens in Europe

Europe is home to a long tradition of horticulture and botany-related academic research. From the days of the earliest plant hunters (and continuing to the

Fertilizer – Signs of nutrient deficiencies in plants and how to prevent them

We all know that plants basically make their own food using water, carbon dioxide and sunlight, but what is often overlooked is that plants also